GM visiting Las Cruces

GM Josh Friedel and WIM Ivette Garcia will be playing in Las Cruces on Thursday November 15. We will start with a simul and finish with a blitz event. Arrowhead Park EC HS will be hosting this event. For more information, please contact Will Barela at...

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A New State Champion

Congratulations to Corbin Gustafson our New State Champion.  No one has had better results in New Mexico this year.  Well deserved! Also, thank you to last year's board, your service is greatly appreciated! Congratulations to our new board members, and thank you in...

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NM Open Registration

Why does Paypal want to charge me $50.00 to register for NM Open this morning (11/7) when the Tournament listing says the cost is $40.00 unless paid AFTER 11/7. It should ONLY be $50.00 after 11/7, not ON 11/7.

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