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New Mexico Chess Organization

NMCO, P.O. Box 4215, Albuquerque, NM 87196-4215

President: Andrew Flores
Vice President: Peter Cuneo
Treasurer: Dean Brunton or 505-241-2618
Secretary: Nick Miller
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Desert Knight Editor: Doug Thigpen
Webmaster: Andrew Ackerman
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Welcome to the new NMCO Website! This new site design for NMCO is powered by WordPress, which will allow for easier data input and management for NMCO. On the top right you will notice the following icon hamburger. This icon is called the hamburger menu. If you click on it with your mouse or touch it with your finger on a tablet or mobile device it will allow you to see the main menu.

On the forum page we have added the ability to submit posts through the website. Simply click the link on the right side of the page called “Submit a Post” to fill out the form. It allows for HTML and Rich text along with the ability to paste images. Another added feature in the forum area is the ability to respond to posts through the comments. All posts and comments will be approved by the webmaster before making it to the live site. The NMCO board hopes you enjoy our new website.

NMCO would like to formally thank Jeff Sallade and Joey Troy for the hard work of supporting the NMCO Website.


Our Constitution
Our By Laws

Byes (additional comment)

1/2 pt. byes in four round events. Suppose you don't play well on Sat. Lose the first and draw the second. Feel better and show up eager to play early Sun. but now discover you receive a forced bye and have to wait until Sun. afternoon thereby only getting in three...

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Chess Players Take Note

Chess Players Take Note ... If you are no longer in the habit of looking ahead for NMCO tourn. announcements ...The new NMCO has already published the format for the Memorial/Senior ... and what a great format it is for serious chess (non-seniors, also). Suggestion:...

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Last call for games (until next time)

Hey all, If you played in the NM Open, this is a last call to turn in any games you'd like to see published in the Desert Knight. I realize there were a number of problems with turning in games at the tournament site, including that many scoresheets didn't have a...

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