Bounty on Aravind!

There is a $20 bounty if you can beat Aravind at the Fireworks in July Tournament (22nd).  This bounty is open to anyone playing in his section (top), so come get some!

Fireworks in July Tournament

Due to the increasing number of B and C class adult players, their time control will be G30d5.  Remember only $10 to play 4 rated games!  I am also listening to the chess community for more ideas for tournaments. let me know your thoughts. Steve Perea

The 2017 Albuquerque Open Results

The 2017 Albuquerque Open was a great success and (hopefully) a good time was had by all. There were 22 winners (from 4 sections) out of 65 players. Players came from Abiquiu, Albuquerque, Belen, Carrizozo, El Paso, Farmington, Grants, Kirtland, Las Cruces, Los...

Looking for Chess Volunteers

Looking for chess volunteers that would like to help out the Senior Center in the City of Truth or Consequences. The Senior Center serves many seniors in the community. It would be nice if perhaps, the volunteers can get a club started at the Center. Also, run chess...

Free tickets to John Mayer concert

Two free tickets for the John Mayer concert at Isleta Amphitheater , July 18 2017. They also include a coupon for 2 for 1 tickets as well as $20.00 free slot play! Sophia won them in a radio contest but she is too young for the lyrics . Her father and she will be in...