Invitation to join at the WORLD OPEN

I want to find a room mate to split room cost at the World Open.  Join me: it will be fun 🙂 If you are interested, send me an email by  Thanks guys and I wish you the very best! Sincerely, Caleb

$1300 prize fund!

I am holding a Tournament on chess day in Socorro with a guaranteed prize!  I wanted lower rated players to get the chance to play for big bucks just like the top players.  I will be fronting my money to ensure the prize fund if not enough entries cover it.  I am...

Chess Lessons

I am available for private or group chess lesson for the summer, contact me for more info. Thanks and have a great summer!

Message from NMCO President, Annabelle Romero

Dear NMCO Membership: I am writing to bring you up to date with NMCO activities.  Our January Memorial Tournament was a big success and I again want to thank my fellow board members for the tremendous job they did putting it together:  Will Barela, Vice President,...

update club site Las Cruces

I was wondering if someone can update the club locations on this site for the city of Las Cruces. The Hastings store in Las Cruces is closed down. There seems to be no indication that chess players still meet in that location. I checked it out.And the building is...